About Me

Awkward hi.

My name is Akhil, and my mission is to save the internet.

It does sound rather too big for one person, but hey I am trying.

I code designs and design code, break complex problems down into product development strategies and make sure that application and concept scales the way it’s supposed to.

I am currently in love with my job @ Letsintern.com where I head the Product and Engineering aspects of the platform.
I have written NodeJS, AngularJS, EJS and a huge 54 point PRD.
One of the happiest moments of my life was when Letsintern.com got acquired by a great company like AspringMinds on December 21st 2015.

Previously, I was working with Myntra.com as a User Experience Developer (SDE), where I had joined as an intern and went on work full time and worked on some s-uber cool stuff, while juggling my undergrad (Bachelors in Technology) in Software Engineering.

Since I have been a fetus I have worked FT/Remote/PT/consulted at my best friends creative agency – ThePixelate.

I have created a mad web-game for an international fast-food brand with my super dope&cool respected mentor – @AnkitSaxena21

I have contributed to Mozilla Project(s) – majorly Popcorn.js.

One of the only cool projects I had worked on while I was in college was a complete ‘Project Management + Customer Relationship Management’ web application based on AngularJS+PHP – is now up for sale on envato for $58 ~ ping me for a discount.

I am secretly working on three personal projects which are in the domains of online-content curation, fastest music streaming service online (plus some very difficult and at the moment pointless BPM & FPS matching) and an alternate-indie lifestyle ecommerce platform.

I try to code, design and do your product development for kind money as well, let’s connect.

Also don’t even think of using my logo anywhere, I will find you and twerk on your face.
AkhilSingh.Net owns the copyright, trademark and rights to sue your thief ass if you do.